Barnes, Johnson push for supporters to canvas at campaign events

NOW: Barnes, Johnson push for supporters to canvas at campaign events

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- With election day just three days away Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes and Senator Ron Johnson were pushing for their base to get out and canvas Saturday.

As things come down to the wire, some similar theme at both events carried was to get as many people out to vote as possible.

"We're holding Ron Johnson accountable on all fronts, whether it's with abortion access or whether it's with his attacks on social security and Medicare," said Barnes when asked if he's focusing too much on protecting abortion rights and not enough on other issues like the economy.

He spoke in front of a group of canvassers in Milwaukee.

Barnes specifically targeted Johnson on labor and retirement issues.

"People's retirement security is absolutely on the line and we talk about it a whole lot, because Ron Johnson would be more than happy if people had to work until they die, he voted to raise the retirement age," said Barnes.

He says his family benefitted from well-paying labor jobs, while Johnson has passed laws that benefit the wealthy, not the working class.

"To benefit himself and his family, let's talk about socialism for the wealthy," said Barnes.

Later, in Waukesha, Sen. Johnson spoke at a Republican rally.

"Let's be frank and honest, the democrat party in their hands, is destroying this country," said Sen. Johnson.

Senator Johnson spoke before a crowd of supporters. He spoke about transgender youth allegedly being given hormone blockers without parental consent at school, although didn't cite a specific case.

He criticized the Biden administration's handling of immigration, the withdraw from Afghanistan, and spoke out against defunding the police.

"We're not going to get help from the mainstream media, they're not going to tell the truth," said Sen. Johnson.

Johnson also criticized Democrats about election security, calling for more poll watchers from both parties.

"I want all eyes on the process, so at the end of the night, I just can't explain why democrats make it impossible to have confidence in the elections," said Sen. Johnson.

You can still register to vote on election day, Tuesday Nov. 8th, at your polling place.

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