Bayshore's Reimagined Red Rooster is the result of local woman's passion to upcycle furniture

NOW: Bayshore’s Reimagined Red Rooster is the result of local woman’s passion to upcycle furniture

GLENDALE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Old furniture that may have otherwise been discarded is being reimagined. A local Hartford woman opened her second furniture boutique at Bayshore in November with the goal of breathing new life into people's homes. 

"I like to believe that I've developed somewhat of an eye at this point," said Debra Rash, owner. 

Rash started upcycling furniture three years ago. A former school principal, now she's following a new passion of furniture design. 

She's fixed paint-stained leather chairs and modernized a heavy wooden dresser with a bright pink and gold color. Between her two locations, in Mayville, Wisconsin, and now, Bayshore, she's either on the floor helping customers find a statement piece that inspires them, or she's in the back working on something new to put out. 

"It's a passion. It's also a bit therapeutic, so I look forward to it," said Rash. "You don't have to redo or redesign your entire space, often times just changing one piece of furniture, canvas art or sculpture could enhance the room." 

She also takes custom pieces for those looking to reimagine a family heirloom or update a favorite piece of decor. 

Reimagined Red Rooster is open Tuesday through Sunday at Bayshore. 

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