Caught on camera: Truck slams into I-94 overpass in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Traffic on eastbound I-94 was snarled for hours Monday, Jan. 11, after a truck slammed into an overpass in the Stadium Interchange.

Aaron Hamm was driving directly behind the truck and could see that the bed of the truck was up.

He says other drivers were honking at the truck driver to get him to pull over. 

Hamm says he was shocked by what he saw when he raced to help the driver after the truck hit the bridge and rolled onto its side.

"The guy, he was fine...unbelievable," said Hamm. "He was conscious and alert, a little bit of bleeding on his hands, but other than that I was talking to him and he was fine."

Hamm says the truck driver told him that an alarm inside the truck used to alert the driver never went off.

Watch the video, courtesy of Aaron Hamm - G&H Photography, below:

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