CBS 58 and Telemundo Wisconsin news anchors test their bodies to pursue FBI dreams

NOW: CBS 58 and Telemundo Wisconsin news anchors test their bodies to pursue FBI dreams

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- CBS 58's Mike Curkov joined Montse Ricossa and Alejandra Palacios from Telemundo Wisconsin in challenging their bodies to discover whether they have the physical chops to become FBI agents.

The FBI's Fitness Test includes a series of physical challenges that candidates must pass to be accepted into the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. CBS 58's morning team, including Mike, attempted the test four years ago, but none of them met the marks needed to give up broadcasting in exchange for an FBI jacket.

Included in the test are various physical benchmarks that must be met, including performing as many sit-ups as you can do in a minute, a 300-meter sprint, as many push-ups as you can do without stopping, along with a mile-and-a-half run. Each skill earns points, and it takes twelve to move on.

While 'Iron Mike' Curkov fared best among the three candidates with an impressive seven points, none of them quite met the mark: Montse and Alejandra each scored negative six points.

John Sokolowaski, a recruiter for FBI Milwaukee, told CBS 58 that this attempt by three news anchors to make the FBI Academy is a great example of what the FBI is pushing right now: they want to recruit people of all backgrounds, from all professional backgrounds.

"We have teachers, we have accountants, we have lawyers, obviously we have law enforcement, military, computer scientists. We have linguists. All types of different backgrounds and skills."

He added, "That's one of the strengths of the FBI. There's a lot of diversity in terms of our backgrounds. Our experiences. Where we grew up. Put that all together and that's what makes us so successful at the FBI."

Those interested in answering FBI Milwaukee's recruitment push are encouraged to check out this website to learn the next steps to take in the process.

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