Milwaukee duo SistaStrings share their Grammys experience performing with Joni Mitchell

NOW: Milwaukee duo SistaStrings share their Grammys experience performing with Joni Mitchell

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- There were many unforgettable moments Sunday at the 88th annual Grammy Awards, but one of them hits home for sure.

Milwaukee-born musical duo SistaStrings took to the stage with legend Joni Mitchell during her first-ever Grammy performance at 80 years old.

Just says after the performance, Chauntee and Monique Ross say they are still on an emotional high. "It was one of those life-changing moments," Chauntee said.

Being part of Joni Mitchell's performance, alongside other artists like Brandi Carlile, was truly a dream come true.

"It was probably the best day I ever experienced, and surreal and even mind-blowing to be there and be part of three different projects that won Grammys. It was absolutely incredible," said Monique. Not only did they perform, they were invited to sit and enjoy the show among other artists.

"Being able to come as SistaStrings ourselves, as artists, was really special to me, and I know to Monique as well," said Chauntee.

The sisters were born and raised on Milwaukee's north side and dove into music at age three. After years of performing, they became SistaStrings back in 2014 and made a name for themselves locally before moving to Nashville during the pandemic.

They say representing Milwaukee among all their success is special to them and they are thankful for all the support they still get from their hometown.

"The power of the Milwaukee scene and how we were able to collaborate with so many people. We literally just carried that with us to Nashville," Monique said.

The ladies are now working on their studio album which will be produced by Brandi Carlile. The two will also be featured in an exhibit showcasing current artists at the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum in Nashville.

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