CBS 58's One Good Thing: Mood melodies

NOW: CBS 58’s One Good Thing: Mood melodies

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A student from Golda Meir School is putting his passion for programming to good use.

Henry Martin just finished 6th grade and is a State Merit Winner of the 2022 3M Young Scientist Challenge in partnership with Discovery Education. He created Mood Melodies to match your emotions to music. It's a tool to help manage anxiety. Martin says he was inspired by his own experiences.

"I was quite stressed during the pandemic and virtual school and other ongoing global issues," Martin says. "So, I used music to help calm myself down based on the mood I was in."

Judges with 3M will select ten challenge finalists and four honorable mentions, which will be announced July 7th. $25,000 and mentorship is up for grabs.

Even if he doesn't win, Martin says he will continue to work on his project and refine the facial recognition feature after noticing implicit biases in the program. He also says he has more side projects to work on this summer.

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