Community Says Final Goodbyes To Za'layia Jenkins

The community said their final goodbye to Za’layia Jenkins, 9, who died after she was shot by a stray bullet inside her home.

The ceremony was held at Holy Reedemor Church of Christ in Milwaukee.

Jada Rslin Akins, 10, was one of Za’layia’s classmates and friends.

"Then the next day she was gone and that just made me sad and I cry myself to sleep every night. I just think about Zalayia," Akins said.

Akins calls her friend Laylay. She shared memories.

"Zalayia was kind, she would brighten people up,” Akins said. “Her favorite words were, ‘you are not my dad,’ she would always say that. She would make up jokes and stuff."

Eugene Woods didn’t know the family. However, he wanted to show his support.

"I was touched emotionally because I think about my grandkids,” Woods said. “We're talking about a young lady that was in her house watching tv, wasn't outside and all of the sudden this tragedy happen to her."

James Morris is the president of the motorcycle club Mix Fits. He said the club wanted to be part of the procession.

"I'm sad that they have to grow up in a day where such random violence is so common and I fear for my children every day," Morris said.

Zalayia's body was taken by a horse drawn carriage to her final resting place.

"I just hope someone just come in and turn them in for doing that to her, just please, justice for Zalayia," Akins said.

A $40,000 reward is being offered for information that will lead to an arrest in this case. Meanwhile, police are questioning a person of interest.

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