Crime Stoppers: 3 men killed in execution-style shooting near 54th and Mill

Crime Stoppers: 3 men killed in execution-style shooting near 54th and Mill

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A case involving three men shot and killed execution-style at an apartment in Milwaukee remains unsolved. Two of the victims were brothers. Detectives say it's going to take the whole community to get the killer off the streets. 

On March 28, a day after the triple shooting, droves of people came out to remember the three men killed; 26-year-old Anthony Thompson, 39-year-old Tyaries McKinney, and 52-year-old Clarence Harris. All are from Milwaukee.

The day before the vigil, family members of one of the men called police when they hadn't heard from him. Milwaukee police detectives went to an apartment near 54th and Mill Road.

"When they got there the door was ajar to the apartment, and when they got there they found there were three adult males all deceased of gunshot wounds," said Detective Tim Killer, Milwaukee Police Department. 

Detective Tim Keller says it happened around 2 a.m., while people were sleeping -- which makes what police know about the case limited. 

"At least one of the victims that resided where this occurred was engaged in drug dealing from that residence and that's potentially the motive for this," Det. Keller said. "People sometimes are hesitant to tell us what type of activities that could have led to their death. It doesn't matter to us other than potentially figuring out a motive. We don't work any less hard on a case just because someone was engaged in drug dealing prior to being killed. We need people with the information to come forward. No matter what the information is if someone in the community knows who is responsible for this. We need a person who is capable of entering a home and killing three people to be held accountable so they don't do this again."

Police say what happens most is that lives were lost, there's a killer on the loose, and families have been ripped apart. 

"Two of the victims were actually siblings. There was a family that lost. A mother that lost two sons on that day and that's incredibly hard. It's one thing to lose one person in your family to violence. Unexpected violence," Keller said. "But then to lose two people at the same time. Then there is another family that lost a loved one. SO that's two families that are grieving over something. There's no excuse for what occurred there, none at all. That's why these people are so dangerous. People who do stuff like this are so dangerous. That's why we need help to solve this."

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