Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Milwaukee man gunned down in his driveway; $3K reward to find his killer

NOW: Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Milwaukee man gunned down in his driveway; $3K reward to find his killer

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It's a murder case that's been cold for more than five years. A Milwaukee man gunned down in his own driveway.

Now, his family is pleading with the community to come forward, share what they know and help them get closure.

"He just had a personality very quiet, laid back person, but you can tell that when he walked in, his presence was shown," said LaTanya Jones.

On Dec. 7, LaTanya got a phone call about her father, Thomas Elliot, that would change her life.

"I received a phone call from one of my cousins, and she said 'he's gone, he's gone,' I'm like 'who's gone?'"

Elliott was at his house on 42nd and Fairmount with friends playing card.

They were all leaving to go out when Milwaukee police say a car drove by and shot the 62-year-old multiple times. He died right there, in his driveway.

"I was numb, because I'm -- who would do this to him? And he'll give you his last. I lost my father, my brother lost his father, my kids lost their grandfather that day. And it changed our entire world."

Detective Rose Marie Galindo has been working on this case from the beginning and says Thomas Elliot was targeted.

"Whoever was waiting there, knew that he was coming out of the house. It's very difficult to not be able to give the family answers and not be able to give the family closure after all these years. So it's difficult, I really hope that we can close this case."

Investigators say they have no suspects and have done a countless number of interviews, with no leads.

But there is one person who was at the card game that night they haven't been able to find.

LaTanya Jones is hoping after five years, a $3,500 reward will encourage them or anyone else with information to call Milwaukee Crime Stoppers anonymously.

"I want justice. I don't want nothing more than justice," Jones said. "I want to be in the courtroom to speak on behalf of my dad. I want that day. And for me, that's when I'll feel a sense of dad, now you can rest."

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