Crime Stoppers: Shootout at corner store injures innocent bystander

Crime Stoppers: Shootout at corner store injures innocent bystander

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A few people running to the corner store were met with a barrage of bullets. The wild shooting was all caught on video and after eight months of looking for the suspects, Milwaukee police are counting on your anonymous tip. 

The corner store on 30th and West Brown Street in Milwaukee, a one-sided shootout last summer hurt an innocent bystander and could have killed someone. 

"It's a very busy neighborhood," said Dennis McKnight, Milwaukee Police Department detective. 

Surveillance video from June 22 of 2023, shows a man exit a corner store near 30th and West Brown Street, and walk toward his white car -- only to find two men trying to steal it. 

He said something to them as he walked around to the driver's side and the two men pulled out guns and started firing over and over into the back window of the vehicle. Somehow none of the bullets hit the driver, or a woman who was in the front passenger seat. 

"You have a victim who is in the community, and all he's trying to do is go into the's during the daytime so local kids could be outside doing their summer activities and anybody could have been struck during that time," said Detective McKnight. 

Bullets did hit one man in the leg as he ran for his life during the shooting. 

"Innocent bystander, just outside counting his change and got struck," said McKnight. 

What Milwaukee Police Detective Dennis McKnight Jr. says he needs, is for the public to look closely at the two suspects. 

If you recognize them, or the black vehicle that dropped the suspects off then waited down the street, you're urged to reach out to authorities.

"I just feel like the community as a whole has to come together, we have a partnership with the community where we work hand in hand to solve these crimes. If people in the community know who these guys are then they need to speak up and say who these guys are with an anonymous tip and then we will take it from there," said McKnight. 

If you know anything about the shooting that happened June 22, 2023, call Milwaukee Crime Stoppers at 414-224-TIPS. You can submit a tip through the P3 Tips app too. Both ways are anonymous. If your tip leads to an arrest, you get a cash reward. 

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