Crime Stoppers: Suspect wanted in two separate robberies on Milwaukee's west side

Crime Stoppers: Suspect wanted in two separate robberies on Milwaukee’s west side

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A man claiming to have a gun was able to pull off two robberies on Milwaukee's west side within 20 minutes.

Detectives need your help finding the suspect.

Take a look at this picture. This was from the day these robberies happened on the morning of Nov. 2.

In both instances, the suspect handed the employee at the register a note -- demanding money from the register.

The robberies happened at two locations on the same day.

One was at the McDonald's on Silver Spring, the other was on Hampton Avenue.

Then, the second robbery, the suspect got money out of the register and ran off on foot.

No one was hurt in either case, even though the suspect said he had a weapon in his pocket.

But detectives say these cases are important because they only get worse with time.

"Both restaurant locations were hit so relatively in a close span of time and proximity. A lot of previous investigations like this will result in a spree," said MPD Detective Tony Castro. "Attempted robberies, strong armed robberies turn into armed robberies which turn into shootings and then escalate to robbery shooting, homicide - suspects like this, they start small with these types of crimes I don't like saying small but easily committable crimes all the way up to non-fatal shootings and fatal shootings. It's best to stop these types of things in its infancy rather than let it fester and continue until it escalates to someone getting hurt."

If you know anything about either of these cases or crimes happening in Milwaukee, call Crime Stoppers at (414)224-Tips. That's (414)224-8477. No one will ever know who you are when you call or if you submit a tip through the P3 Tips app, and your tip leads to an arrest, you get a cash reward.

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