'Don’t give up': Lessons learned from 31 years in business at Brady Street Futons

’Don’t give up’: Lessons learned from 31 years in business at Brady Street Futons

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Brady Street Futons announced it will be closing its doors after 31 years of calling the iconic Brady Street home.
The shop, located at the corner of North Franklin Place and East Brady Street, has been owned by Kurt Bauer since the 90s. “I just turned 60 and I don’t want to be closing up a shop at 70,” he explained.
Over the years, the unique storefront has won many awards such as “Best of Milwaukee,” but to Bauer, the real prize has been building relationships in the community: “Brady Street neighborhood has been a treasure for me. My neighbors here, they've just been great. I'll definitely miss this neighborhood.”
“It would be surprising to a lot of people that a futon store would last this long,” Bauer said. “All of our customers we've had have been a treasure. We just would not be here without them.”
Despite closing the store, Bauer has no intention of ending his passion for creating furniture. “I'm doing upholstery, and I make art pieces out of chairs and I'm just going to be concentrating on that.”
Bauer said he plans on closing the shop at the end of March. “It's bittersweet. I’m going to miss this place. I’m going to miss Brady Street, but I am excited for the future, very excited.”

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