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DWD: $600 unemployment benefit to be paid by weekend

DWD: $600 unemployment benefit to be paid by weekend


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – People across the state have been waiting for weeks to receive their extra $600 benefit as part of their unemployment benefits. After a hiccup, the state said the money should be sent by the end of this weekend.

“We’re moving forward with a much, much larger batch likely tonight and get the remainder out -- Friday night’s batch -- over the weekend, said Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Secretary Caleb Frostman in an interview Thursday.

Frostman said the back payment issue should be resolved, although it may take an additional day or two for the payments to show up in people’s bank accounts. He said there are still thousands of people waiting to hear whether their applications will be approved. Frostman said contractors and new hires should be in place this month.

“Meant to bring on approximately 500 staff to handle UI claims over the phone, answer questions about the status of folks’ claims, and also triage some of the more complicated calls,” explained Frostman.

Many people questioned why they weren’t receiving full benefits due to fines on a Facebook Live Friday hosted by CBS 58 reporters Brittany Lewis and Mark Stevens.

DWD told CBS 58 it issues these fines when people conceal wages or other information that would impact their benefits. The fines count against any unemployment benefits that would have been earned and disqualify someone from getting the additional $600 federal payment.

Roughly 33 percent of applicants are still waiting on any payment from unemployment. Frostman said this month is when he expects all the extra staff and call centers to work through the existing backlog.

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TaraRieck 7 hours ago
i used up all my regular unemployment it says i qualify for the 600 a week recived two payments and have 6 weeks of back claims and nothing still waiting cant get through to unemployment to ask them very frustrating!! anyone know if their behind or whats going on?
Akumario 5 days ago
I never got my Stimulus payment, said it was deposit, Bank account is correct, nothing show up...
also I never got those $600 for 2 weeks I was Furlough, How they gonna fix this? everyone I know had no issues... FML I was counting on that to pay Bills.
Neil 5 days ago
I received the 600$ for only two weeks then it just stopped and now I only get my regular unemployment amount anyone knows why this sudden change I haven’t don’t anything wrong and I know I’m eligible because I was already claiming unemployment before this whole pandemic if anyone finds a solution please let me know!
CarolReyna 9 days ago
I applied for unemployment on 3/20/2020 and didn’t Hera. Paper check till 4/27/2020 for the first two weeks and the day after on 4/28/2020 got a check for the third week now it’s 5/21/2020 and still haven’t received payment for 4/12- till today. Anyone else get a partial payment and after that nothing? I’m in Orange County ca
MarianoUchiha 17 days ago
AmyPardee 17 days ago
I still haven't received my retroactive pay back to 14/20, but did receive $600 for the past 2 weeks. Nothing shows up in my dwd page for those weeks either... Why
Itsme AmyPardee 7 days ago
Omg I also applied 4 almost 5 weeks ago well I been trying to apply since march but could not get through!!!! And finally got a payment but only for 2 weeks what the heck
ashlly 18 days ago
I got my first payment 3 weeks ago after waiting a month to get approved. I checked my mail and 2 600$ checks from unemployment were in my mail 5 days ago. Be patient it’s coming guys
AmyPardee ashlly 17 days ago
Are u from WI
Ashley 18 days ago
I still have not received the back pay in my account even though it says on the unemployment website that it was paid 2 weeks ago. Cannot get ahold of anyone via phone. Does anyone know why I wouldn’t have gotten the money still?
CarolReyna Ashley 9 days ago
Have you received anything yet? I’ve been waiting for a month for a second pay and still nothing I don’t even have an online line account for some reason they made me paper only no online access
llemmens 18 days ago
I still have not received the FPUC payments, I've contacted Unemployment through an email form and I have contacted the Director of Work Force Development with no response from either. This is disgraceful..
Alimbagirl 19 days ago
This is UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I have NEVER bad mouthed the government but this is unacceptable. I had no issues filing my claim initially, was approved, and have received weekly state $ that has all been applied to a benefit reduction. As of this week, I owe just $615 more. And i have not received any federal money and I'm entitled to it from the day it was approved, so the end of March. So this week its up to $3,600. I have not had a dime. I really wish someone sues the state over this!!!
Pancho123 19 days ago
Did anyone else not receive the extra 600
Cinthia Pancho123 19 days ago
Me wonder what’s going on
Dcruz1304 19 days ago
Have had NO issues getting My Unemployment benefits + the Extra $600 since i 1st filed 1 month ago and Today i Recieved My Regular Unemployment pay but the extra $600 was Not Added... Not sure what the issue is All of the Sudden...??!! 🤔
Cinthia Dcruz1304 19 days ago
Same here
Alimbagirl Dcruz1304 19 days ago
This doesn't sound right. You are saying you got the $600 extra for 4 weeks, i thought it JUST started last week.
Harrison 19 days ago
I was laid off from my job as a bartender on March 14. My unemployment application has been pending for over 8 WEEKS. The DWD doesn’t respond to my emails. And like many others, I can’t get through over the phone...even after calling thousands of times. 2 months without income or answers, and I still don’t know when (or if) my application will be processed. At this point, I have no idea what I’m going to do.
Faxd Harrison 18 days ago
Me too. I filed 2 months ago and never received anything in the mail from them. We are supposed to receive a letter 10 days after filing. This is some nasty attack on America. So sad
Cinthia 19 days ago
I was receiving the $600 and now I’m not receiving it
Pancho123 Cinthia 19 days ago
Did you hear of any one else with the same problem? Same happen to me
Cinthia Pancho123 19 days ago
I’ve heard a couple people ask and say they didn’t get it or what’s wrong on
Kevin 19 days ago
Why did I only receive one $600 payment?? Has anyone experienced this? I applied on the 19 of April when will I get my other $600???
Pancho123 Kevin 19 days ago
Same here man I got it for the past 2 weeks and this week just my regular unemployment
Peggy 19 days ago
For those of you that are waiting to see the back payment of $600.00 each week and had it show in your history that it was paid... I was seeing that also and today it showed up in my bank account. There is hope!! Hold on because it looks like they are getting it to finally work. Hope this gives you a happy spot in your day.
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