Evers and Republicans both want tax cuts, but different ones

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Speaking after touring a training center in Madison, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers followed up on a campaign promise he made on the campaign trail.

"The same middle-class tax cut we did in the last budget," Evers said.

At an August campaign stop in Milwaukee, Evers announced a plan that would cut income taxes for middle-income people and families by 10% or more, offer relief for seniors and veterans, and cap insulin co-payments.

Representative Mark Born, co-chair of the Joint Finance Committee, says Republicans agree they will seek to lower taxes in the next budget, but agreement with Gov. Evers seems to end there.

"I think that we've been taking action in recent years to collapse the brackets and work towards to flat tax and I think we'll continue to try to find ways to lower the tax burden in Wisconsin," Rep. Born said.

Evers said he isn't interested in lowering the top tax bracket, instead targeting tax cuts to primarily the lower two tax brackets. He also did not rule out some tax increases, which Born called a non-starter given the state's estimated $5-billion surplus.

On Monday, the state Department of Administration will release agency budget requests, a first look at what Evers next state budget proposal could look like.

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