Fans line up for Brewers tickets ahead of season

NOW: Fans line up for Brewers tickets ahead of season

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The 2023 Brewers season will be here in about five weeks, and tickets for home games went on sale Saturday.

"We're just here to buy tickets for the Brewers. We were hoping to get some for the Giannis Jersey game," said 12-year-old McGuire Wertz, standing in line with her dad Saturday morning.

They were just two of hundreds excited for the Brewers to play again.

New this year, anyone who pays game tickets today gets a chance to win some great prizes, like a new car or vacation.

Other fans were less than thrilled with the cold, and how some of the ticket lines were held up by people buying in bulk.

They said they wished the event could've been inside, and that bulk ticket buyers were handled separately.

"It's a little cold out here this morning and we got people wrapped in blankets and everything else," said one fan.

Elsewhere at American Family Field, officials conducted interviews for concessions, catering and more at the park, including their replacement for the TGI Fridays, The Barrelyard.

"It's gonna be a lot of fun, really high-quality dining experience that you wouldn't traditionally expect in a ballpark," said Loren Rue, American Family Field Executive Chef.

They say pay can get up to 25 to 30 dollars an hour in some cases.

"And my entire team is willing to go out on a limb and take a flyer and a lot of people who are willing and want to be here, so experience isn't as necessary," said Rue.

You can still apply online for those jobs as well by clicking here.

The biggest thing everyone came out for, was to get tickets for Opening Day.

"It's kind of turning into a little bit of a tradition now and being at the stadium. It's kind of a reminder to me that I know we're getting close to the baseball season and hopefully the snow is going to be gone pretty soon," said Brewers fan Spencer Fech.

The home opener is currently scheduled for Apr. 3.

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