First good snow of the season comes with cold temps and strong wind

NOW: First good snow of the season comes with cold temps and strong wind


Snow is here!! We may have officially had our first trace of snow last week when some graupel mixed with some rain showers but Monday morning is the first time we've seen widespread snow showers and even some accumulating snow. Photos and video from counties north of I-94 showing a little bit of light accumulation with a dusting or few tenths of an inch. We're still waiting to see if that is officially the case in Milwaukee. Snow would have to accumulate at Milwaukee's Mitchell International Airport for it to count as the first measurable (0.1" or more) for it to count.

Check out the snow showers on radar just after 8:30 AM:

In addition to the first good snow of the season, it is also super windy and very chilly. All of southeast Wisconsin woke up to a freeze warning Monday morning with temps dropping into the 30s. In addition to the cold temps, the wind was gusting to 40 mph and will continue to do so the next few days. Wind gusts Monday, Monday night and Tuesday will gust to 40 mph. Even Wednesday will be breezy with gusts to 20 mph.

The cold temps and strong wind gusts will push wind chills down into the 20s and even upper teens for Tuesday morning and you should expect similar numbers Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

But! A warm up is coming! Thursday will see highs in the 50s then we get into the 60s for the first time in a few weeks for the weekend! Lows will warm as well with no concerns for frost and freeze for the weekend.

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