For Mother's Day -- put mom in the picture!

NOW: For Mother’s Day -- put mom in the picture!

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- We all want to make mom feel special on Mother's Day, and that might mean flowers, or a card, or brunch on the special Sunday. But there's a way to celebrate mom all year that you might not have thought of.

It's called "proof of mom" photos. Moms have been talking about it online

The idea is simple. As their children grow up, a mother will take pictures to document the memories. But when they look through their camera rolls years later, Stephanie Ciatti, founder of Babbling Babes, says the mom often makes a stunning realization.

"She's missing," Ciatti said.

Babbling Babes holds events with professional photographers on hand to help moms capture important memories

But sometimes there isn't a professional photographer available, that means a different member of the family will have to pick up the slack. Jordan Kuhn is a mom and a professional photographer, she says lighting and angles are key when taking a candid photo.

"So when you aim the camera at them, kind of top down, not underneath, you know? You don't want to get under their nose, you want to get on top of their nose," Kuhn said.

Kuhn admits that as a professional photographer, it is hard to hand over the camera and depend on her husband to take a good picture.

"We were picking strawberries… he literally got my whole entire backside and the girls are just smiling together and that was the only picture he got of me. So, we talked about it," Kuhn said.

More ideas on how to take a good candid photo can be found HERE

Ciatti says one act of kindness supplied her with one of her favorite memories.

"Once I was in the art museum with my two kids trying to take a selfie, and a mom walked up and said can I take that for you? And it's one of my favorite pictures I have to this day," she said.

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