Founder of BrushBox offers therapy through art with superhero kits

NOW: Founder of BrushBox offers therapy through art with superhero kits

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Amber Thomas, an entrepreneur and art therapist, is bringing the community together through art. She created BrushBox in 2020. Each kit is a unique bag of art supplies to create slime, sensory bottles, superheroes and build-your-own wands. 

"Right now, I'm building a superhero kit," said Thomas. "We took the work out of going to the art store going to get all of the pieces and materials. We just want you to sit down and create."

We sat down with her as she made her own superhero. Each kit is created with inclusivity in mind with different colors, styles, sizes and hair. 

Thomas started the kits as a form of expression. 

"I think, we see a lot, kids don't know their own emotions." said Thomas. "They don't know what their body is feeling, and sometimes they don't know how to release these things either." 

She's selling BrushBox in four local stores throughout Milwaukee, including The Bronzeville Collective MKE and Mixed Bag MKE. They can also be purchased directly online at 

Thomas is also using BrushBoxes to create a community. She is often part of public art making classes that help kids see their own sparkle, and she uses them for therapy as well. 

"I work a lot with kids who have behavioral issues, and maybe in their minds they're not the best person," said Thomas. "I see the strengths in everybody and it's ok to have a weakness and it's ok to have a bad day." 

Thomas hosts free public events at CLARA Healing every few months. Her next free event will be at Discovery World's Girls in Stem event, Milwaukee Maker's Market. 

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