From blacksmith to brewer: Old World Wisconsin is looking for employees, volunteers

NOW: From blacksmith to brewer: Old World Wisconsin is looking for employees, volunteers

EAGLE, Wis. (CBS58) -- One popular tourist destination in Waukesha County that takes people back to the 19th century is looking to fill some fascinating roles before its season starts next month.

"When you visit Old World Wisconsin, you are stepping back in time. You're like a time traveler for the day," Anchor Experience Facilitator at Old World Wisconsin Jennifer Young said.

About 100 years of state history is showcased at Old World Wisconsin through historic buildings and by costumed ambassadors sharing the lives of the state's earliest residents.

"We're not talking as much about the governors and the presidents and things of that nature, but the everyday people and kind of what everyday life was here in Wisconsin," Living History Program Coordinator Dan Haess said.

Employees and volunteers make the experience unique by giving guests the chance to experience history.

"You can actually wash clothes. You can ride historic bicycles. You can partake in making a leather keychain or drink soda water," Young said.

Even though they are just one month away from opening to the public, there is still time for you to become a historic brewer or a blacksmith before they open in May.

"It's one thing to read about [history] and it's another thing to do it and it's so much fun," Young said.

"I've done this for several years now, and every single year, I've learned something new. I've engaged with something new, and who doesn't like to dress up for work?"

If you do not want a costume but are interested in joining the team, there are also a variety of maintenance jobs available to keep Old World Wisconsin running like it is in 1888.

"This is where history comes to life. So, if you like history and you want it to come to life, this is where you should come," Young said.

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