Generac prepares to offer relief to Floridians ahead of Tropical Storm Ian

NOW: Generac prepares to offer relief to Floridians ahead of Tropical Storm Ian


WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- As Hurricane Ian prepares to hit the U.S. coast, crews in Wauwatosa prepared to help those who will undoubtedly be affected by the power of the storm.

Generac, an energy technology company specializing in backup power solutions, is starting their trip to Florida.

The company is taking a team of volunteers and generator repair parts to the southern state to help in relief efforts.

"Our first stopping point that we are planning is southern Georgia, just so we can figure out what's going on, and we will be about six hours, ultimately it's about a 19 to 20-hour drive," said Marshall Lewis, senior international tech service manager at Generac.

The company has assisted in other relief efforts when Mother Nature strikes, providing service and skilled technicians to help with power generators.

"Our efforts are going to be focused on helping the people in need without power, no matter what make or model, we are going to go in and try to service it and help them out," said Lewis.

The American Red Cross is also getting ahead of the storm, deploying volunteers from Wisconsin to help Floridians.

"People are going down there, they'll stage at different areas, and if things get bad they'll be ready to respond," said Bob Nelson of the American Red Cross.

Lewis said he expects crews to be in Florida for quite some time.

"People are going to be without power for weeks, if not months, in some areas depending on where the eye hits," said Lewis.

The storm is expected to be at its peak Wednesday.

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