Getting back to "May reality" with the temperatures

NOW: Getting back to “May reality“ with the temperatures

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58)--It was nice while it lasted.  Those string of 80s.  We had four days of 80s in a row.  Now it's back to reality with highs in the 60s and 70s for the coming week.  Look for plenty of dry hours this weekend, but we do have a few weather features that could trigger a few scattered showers and thunder showers, mainly Saturday evening and also Sunday afternoon into the evening.  Hopefully, we can clear out to see the lunar eclipse late Sunday night into early Monday (roughly 11 pm until 2 am).

May’s full “Flower Moon” will undergo a total lunar eclipse as it passes through the Earth’s shadow overnight Sunday into Monday. This will make the moon appear to turn red; hence its other colorful name — the “blood moon.”  This full moon will also be at its perigee that night, aka its closest point to Earth this month, which also makes it a “supermoon.”  In other words, we’re in for a “Super Flower Blood Moon” total lunar eclipse.

Expect another chance of rain by Wednesday and also as we approach next weekend.  Actually, it looks a bit stormier then.  

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