Graphic video shows suspects shoot 16-year-old walking with young child in Racine

NOW: Graphic video shows suspects shoot 16-year-old walking with young child in Racine

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Police are investigating a shooting that occurred near Albert and Marquette Streets in Racine on Sunday, March 20. It happened just before 7:30 p.m. 

Graphic video obtained by CBS 58 appears to shows a vehicle pull over and two suspects are seen getting out. The suspects are seen shooting at a 16-year-old boy walking down the sidewalk who was holding hands with a young child, one suspect shoots point-blank at the victim. The child runs off in fear. Police say the teen suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

"My husband peeked out the window and saw the kid laying there with a little kid and his mom. She was just out of her mind, devastated."' 

CBS 58's Winnie Dortch talked to the woman who gave us the footage. She did not want to be identified. 

She says her grandchildren saw the scene, but what's more upsetting is the child who witnessed their loved one get shot.

"The little one next to him is going to be emotionally messed up forever probably." "In this case, it appeared obviously very purposeful, we're early in the investigation and we still don't know the why, it's not responsible of me to say what the motive was. We won't know that until we get someone in custody," Racine Police Chief Maurice Robinson says. 

The woman says she lives in fear everyday. Last year, there was a shooting at a nearby park. A bullet pierced the front of her house. 

"Went through our house, went through where I used to sit all the time, she said. "I want more police around. I want more cameras. This town doesn't have nothing for security cameras. Most town they have them on every block." 

No one is in custody at this time, but police do have the surveillance video. It is part of the investigation. 

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Racine Police Department. 

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