'Great expectations': Brewers fans celebrate first game of the season

NOW: ’Great expectations’: Brewers fans celebrate first game of the season

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Friday was a big day for Milwaukee Brewers fans.

The MLB season opener took place in New York City as the Brewers faced the Mets.

Watch parties were held across the city, including at J. Leinenkugel's Barrel Yard restaurant inside American Family Field.

"It's awesome. The crowd's been great, full house, people are eating, drinking, and thinking about the Brewers," said fan, Ralph Rinehart.

There was palpable excitement at the party near the team's home field.

"Just looking forward to a brand-new season with a different team," said fan, John Stachnik.

Overall, predictions are positive among fans.

"I'm saying, 91 games they're going to win, and win the division," Rinehart said.

Many have high hopes for newbies on the field, like Jackson Churio.

"He's going to get a hit today, and then he's going to get his first home run, like Brice Turang did, on Tuesday," predicted fan, Luis Ordaz.

"I have great expectations for the rookies, and World Series, here we come," said Greg Mattson.

Fans are also stoked for big comebacks.

"Christian Yelich is winning MVP this year," Ordaz said.

"Christian Yelich, if he comes back to form, we'll be good," Mattson said.

It was a rewarding first game of the season, as the Milwaukee Brewers beat the New York Mets 3-1.

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