Hardly a drop from the sky. This weather trend isn't changing.

NOW: Hardly a drop from the sky. This weather trend isn’t changing.

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58)--Some of us were very lucky this past couplle of days.  We got some rain, especially away from the Lake.  But now, the rain faucets are turning off again.  Beside a few scattered showers or storms on Monday with another back door cold front, it looks dry the next week.  Expect temperatures to be cooler as well, mainly in the 70s.  But 70s is fairly seasonable for this time of the year. By the way, try to water either in the morning or evening.  Avoid the afternoon with peak heating.  Water tends to evaporate faster then.

We did get a very weak tornado late Thursday afternoon in the village of Darien in Walworth County.  It formed, very briefly, along an outflow boundary.  The latest tornado brings the number to 17 statewide.  On average, we normally get 23 tornadoes.  Severe weather season is just starting so look for more tornadic activity into the summer.

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