Have a picnic inside a snow globe at the Racine Zoo

NOW: Have a picnic inside a snow globe at the Racine Zoo

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- It may be winter, but a picnic isn't out of the question. The Racine Zoo is offering all the best parts of a picnic, but inside a snow globe. 

S'mores, food and animals are all part of the experience. 

"The animals love to see all of the people, even in the wintertime," said Beth Heidorn, the executive director of the Racine Zoo.

A snow globe visit always starts with meeting an ambassador animal like Cracker the gecko or Lenny the chinchilla, and ends with s'more making. Each igloo fits eight people.

"We've had families come out; we have grandparents come out; we had a wedding a couple of weeks ago; we have book clubs; we have guys playing poker," said Heidorn. "You name it, you can hang out in our snow globes." 

The snow globes are one way the Racine Zoo is bringing people in during the winter months. They're also hosting Brrr Garden on Saturday, Jan. 27. 

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