Houses damaged from severe storms Saturday

NOW: Houses damaged from severe storms Saturday


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- We saw some severe weather earlier today.

The storms downed trees and power lines.

The rain and stormy weather all across the city.

I'm on Indiana and Holt in Bay View.

Check out this tree that is tipped over.

You can see it is completely blocking off the roadway here in this quiet neighborhood.

Orange cones are set up to mark off the hazard. 

Now, just a little bit ago, I was on South 72nd in West Allis.

You're looking at video taken of a tree branch that snapped off and slammed into a house there -- shattering multiple windows and cracking others.

Steven, the homeowner, tells me that he and his fiancé Penny were inside watching the Packers game when the tree branch hit.

He says he’s now facing hundreds of dollars in damages that happened in just a matter of minutes.

"We had a wind chime hanging right on the gutter right there and it was really blowing and blowing. I was like that’s the first time we heard it dinging that way. I’d no sooner turned around then bang, I just kind of stood there for a minute," said Penny Baker, home damaged by trees.

"It makes you wonder about how powerful storms can be. I’m glad it’s brick because who knows what it would’ve been like if this heavy of a tree branch hit a wood house," said Steven Slater, home damaged by trees.

Steven says despite what happened, he’s thankful that both he and his fiancé are both safe.

We’ll continue tracking the latest on storm damage across Milwaukee, and keeping you updated on our website at

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