Hundreds fill Bay View’s Humboldt Park for all-day July 4th celebrations

NOW: Hundreds fill Bay View’s Humboldt Park for all-day July 4th celebrations

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — It was a packed day at Bay View’s Humboldt Park as hundreds came to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Starting in the morning, the county park hosted a parade, followed by a donut eating contest, and an all-ages talent show, before ending the night with an almost 45-minute-long fireworks display.

During that near 12-hour wait, families played games and barbecued.

For Sergio Amaya and his family, coming to Humboldt is a six-year tradition.

“I’m here with our whole family and we’re celebrating my brother-in-law’s birthday,” Amaya said. “He’s a Fourth of July baby, so we always do it big.”

“[I feel] happy, very happy. Every year this family is coming for my birthday,” said Bulmaro Galan, surrounded by his son, Xavier Kendricks, and other relatives.

Kendricks added that seeing fireworks is “a great gift” for his dad’s birthday.

“A lot of people view it as a way to celebrate not only America, but also the American family as a whole, so everyone here, that’s the best part of Fourth of July for me personally,” Kendricks said.

Tony Little, Galan’s son-in-law, added that he was having a blast despite the warmer temperatures.

“We always have a lot of fun, play music, enjoy amazing food, obviously play games, so it’s always a good time,” Little said.

Amaya noted he had woken up family members at 5:30 a.m. so that they could get to the park by 6 a.m.

“We love Independence Day,” Amaya said. “It’s been a hot day but it’s worth it.”

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