'I think what we have here is very unique': Hunger Task Force farm provides fresh produce for local families

NOW: ’I think what we have here is very unique’: Hunger Task Force farm provides fresh produce for local families

FRANKLIN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Women’s History Month is about celebrating the accomplishments and strides women have made across the nation.

In Franklin, there’s two local women who are doing just that in a male dominated field.

Just a few miles outside of Milwaukee, there is a farm. It’s where Sarah Bressler and Sarah Christman spend their days tending to the crops.

“I think what we have here is very unique across the nation,” said Bressler. “Half a million pounds of 26 different fruits and vegetables.”

They’re known as the “Two Sarahs.”

“Part of the luck of the draw so to speak,” said Christman. “I get a lot of miles out of it.”

“Yeah, I guess, we’ve worked together for over 15 years,” said Bressler.

For the two of them, being a farmer is not just a job.

“You’ve gotta be able to meet the day well rested, well fed,” said Christman.

It’s a way of living.

“To focus and move our mission forward as you know, Milwaukee’s free and local food bank,” said Bressler. “Actually, growing something for the first time and maintaining it and managing it and helping it grow from seed to harvest and seeing that full spectrum. Watching it flourish.”

With each crop harvested at the Hunger Task Force’s Farm, food makes its way to a table.

“Healthy fruits and vegetables to people who need it in the area,” said Bressler.

Now, they’re on a mission to inspire a new generation of female farmers.

“At one point, there were three, four, five, maybe six of us gals on the farm and it just seemed so natural,” said Christman.

When you think of a farmer, you might not think of the “Two Sarahs.”

“We can do it regardless of some sideways looks,” said Christman.

They hope that someday, a young girl might.

“Encourage them to get involved in the agricultural field,” said Bressler.

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