'It feels amazing': Milwaukee handyman captures hearts on social media for rescuing cats

’It feels amazing’: Milwaukee handyman captures hearts on social media for rescuing cats

ST. FRANCIS, Wis. (CBS 58) – After capturing kitties, a local handyman is now capturing hearts on social media.

"It was just overwhelming to see all the people responding." Karen Hendrickson said.

Hendrickson volunteers at Urban Cat Coalition.

She recently posted a picture on Facebook, shouting out her handyman, Quavon Davis, both for his business and his recent cat trapping skills.

"I talked to her about these two cats that are always by my garbage can, and that I feel sorry for them, and I feel like I can do something for them," Davis explained.

Three weeks ago, Hendrickson taught Davis how to trap. That's when he caught Herman, a large black cat, and brought him back to be fixed and adopted.

"I would want to take him with me, but I've already got three cats," Davis laughed.

Since then, he has rescued two more.

The most recent is a 6-week-old kitten named Blackberry, found in an alley in the freezing cold.

"I jumped out and I grabbed him, and he was like, kind of stiff, so I put him in the truck, I closed the door, put the heat on," Davis said. "Out of nowhere, he just jumped up and jumped in the cupholder."

Now, Blackberry is safe and sound thanks to Davis and Hendrickson's teamwork.

"It's so nice," Hendrickson said. "We need more kindness and compassion in the world."

Since her Facebook post, Davis has received a flood of phone calls for his handywork, and tons of positive comments.

"He's just such an awesome guy, and he has been so helpful for me, and I think we've been good for each other," Hendrickson said.

He told CBS 58 he wants to keep saving cats and making a difference.

"I mean I'm humble, but it feels amazing," Davis said.

Blackberry isn't ready for adoption quite yet, but Urban Cat Coalition has dozens of foster cats that are ready for permanent homes.

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