'It was an awesome experience': 70-year-old Milwaukee woman graduates from MATC

NOW: ’It was an awesome experience’: 70-year-old Milwaukee woman graduates from MATC

MILWAUKEE (CBS58) -- A big congratulations to a Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) graduate! A Milwaukee woman just walked across the stage accepting a degree at 70 years old. Ola Sellers is now determined to start a business.

Sellers patted her herself on the back after graduating from MATC with an associates degree in business management.

"I feel amazing and great. It was an awesome experience," Sellers said.

A mother and a grandmother, Sellers wears many hats. However, she spent the last three years grinding. She adapted to "the new age" of school and its demands.

"I started off in-person. I ended up online which I was having an issue about. I loved it though," Sellers said. "It was times I wanted to throw in the towel, but I just pressed in and pushed forward with many prayers." 

She has a passion for fashion, a keen eye for unique business and casual wear. This was ultimately the driving force why she went to school.

"The plan is to open up a boutique and chime into plus size women," she said. "They like to be fashionable."

While sellers is on cloud nine, she continues to recount her life journey. Meeting classmates, professors and advisors at MATC will be something she will never forget.

She says she's proven age is only a number and not a limit.

CBS 58's Reporter Winnie Dortch: "Do you think you are the true definition of it doesn't matter your age, anything about you, you can go back to school whenever you want?

Sellers: "Yes, I think I'm a true definition of that, that you can do it and it can happen if you stay consisted and committed." 

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