'It's time to move on': Packers fans weigh in on the potential of an Aaron Rodgers trade

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Will he stay, or will he go? It's a question Green Bay Packers fans find themselves asking once again regarding the franchise's four-time MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Following a disappointing season that saw the Packers go 8-9 and miss the playoffs, a report from ESPN's Adam Schefter indicates a potential trade of Rodgers ahead of his 19th season is possible.

"League sources believe the franchise prefers to move on from Rodgers, just as it once did with Brett Favre," Schefter's report reads. "Those sources also believe that Rodgers is well aware of the Packers' feelings on the situation."

Schefter discussed the topic more on Monday's episode of The Pat McAfee Show.

"We don't know how the Rodgers situation is going to play out," Schefter said. "All I can say is there are enough people who think it's a real possibility that he's going to be traded this offseason."

It's Deja vu for Packers fans, who went through last offseason questioning whether Rodgers would return to Green Bay for another season or retire. He ended up signing a $150-million, three-year extension to continuing commanding the Packers offense.

"The past couple off seasons have been kind of a lot of, 'Will he, won't he,' and I'm just sick of it," said Packers fan Tyler Behm. "I want to go in a new direction."

A lot of fans responded to a CBS 58 News post on Facebook, calling on Rodgers and the Packers to part ways. Others weren't so positive about a future in Green Bay without No. 12 commanding the offense, asking for him to return for another season. Others were indifferent, just calling on the two sides to make a decision sooner rather than later.

"We shouldn't have extended him," said Rebecca Pingel. "I would be happy to never see him in a Packers jersey again."

Other fans were more sentimental about Rodgers' time in Green Bay.

"He's like the second coming. We had Brett Favre first, now we got Aaron Rodgers," Marvin Spivey said. "Aaron Rodgers is a part of us, so, we'll take one more year, but in my opinion it's time to move on."

Whether that happens this year or next remains in question as "Rodgers Watch 2023" continues.

"They're going to figure out something and they're going to discuss a way for both sides to move forward together and he stays in Green Bay. That's possible," Schefter said. "It's also possible that they sit down, have the talk, both sides are open and honest with each other and both sides decide, you know what, there's a window here to make a trade happen."

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