Jesse Vang bound over on child neglect charge related to missing 3-year-old Elijah Vue

NOW: Jesse Vang bound over on child neglect charge related to missing 3-year-old Elijah Vue

MANITOWOC COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- It's been more than six weeks since 3-year-old Elijah Vue was reported missing from Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

He hasn't been found.

His mother, Katrina Baur, and her boyfriend, Jesse Vang, remain in custody in Manitowoc County Jail on child neglect charges related to Elijah. Baur pleaded not guilty in March.

Vang appeared in-person in Manitowoc County court Thursday for a preliminary hearing regarding one count of child neglect.

Vang's attorneys tried to have the count dismissed, citing insufficient evidence that Vang took part in neglectful conduct.

After the state reiterated neglect noted in the criminal complaint, Judge Robert Dewane denied the defense's motion, and moved forward with proceedings.

"The reasonable inference there is that Mr. Vang is carrying out actions that are designed to instill fear into the child. He acknowledges as much," Judge Dewane said Thursday.

During the preliminary hearing, state prosecutors called up two witnesses, detectives from Manitowoc County Sheriff's Office and Two Rivers Police Department, who responded to Vang's home the day Elijah went missing.

They both confirmed details from the criminal complaint; Vang's described punishments toward Elijah, and photos of Elijah taken from Vang and Katrina Baur's cell phones - including one where he is bruised and blindfolded.

Judge Dewane said the harm was clear in the evidence, and bound Vang over for further proceedings.

"I don't think one can reasonably make the argument that Mr. Vang is not engaging in conduct which could result in emotional or mental harm in the child, when he's specifically stating he's doing it in order to get the child to fear him," Dewane said.

Vang will have an arraignment hearing on April 16. Katrina Baur will appear in court again on April 26.

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