Two leaders of Milwaukee DNC Host Committee terminated

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Committee President Liz Gilbert and Chief of Staff Adam Alonso have been fired from the Milwaukee 2020 DNC Host Committee after accusations that they enabled a toxic work environment. 

According to the Board of Directors, Teresa Vilmain will step in to manage day-to-day operations during the transition period.

In a statement, the Board said in part:

"Every employee has a right to feel respected in their workplace. Based on the information we have learned to date, we believe the work environment did not meet the ideals and expectations of the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee Board of Directors. Accordingly, Liz Gilbert and Adam Alonso are no longer employed by the organization, effective immediately. 
The work of the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee is critically important—but that work cannot be accomplished unless members of the staff can work collaboratively. The Board is committed to an inclusive and supportive environment at the Host Committee, and will work to ensure that all employees live up to these ideals.  For that reason the Board will continue our impartial, third-party investigation and will take additional steps as needed to ensure the Host Committee’s office culture reflects respect and dignity for each and every employee.  Wisconsin resident and convention veteran, Teresa Vilmain, will step in to manage the day-to-day operations during this transition period.”  

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