Local beekeepers call No Mow May a success

NOW: Local beekeepers call No Mow May a success

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, and that means No Mow May has also come to an end. It gained popularity in Wisconsin this spring as a way to help bees and other pollinators.

No Mow May was not without controversy. While some cities like Greenfield recruited homeowners to try it, Hartford threatened to fine people for not cutting the grass.

New homeowners Megan Kessenich and Mark Scholbrock just bought a home in Milwaukee's Bay View neighborhood, and say while they wanted to help bees thrive, No Mow May was done out of convenience.

"We were pushing it as far as we could," Scholbrock said.

Did No Mow May work? As far as official bee counts, the numbers aren't in, but some studies say participating yards can increase bee abundance by five times.

Erin Brady and Anthony Gaglione own and operate Nature's Hex Honey. They were happy to see so many people try No Mow May.

"It is great to see and hear people being on board," Brady said.

While some of you who don't like yard work might be considering "No Mow June" and not cutting the grass for another month, Brady says doing that won't help the bee population much.

"Once the dandelions go into that puffy phase, there's really nothing left there for the bees," she said.

So according to beekeepers, and probably your local government, it's time to cut the grass.

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