Local woman's soap business takes off

NOW: Local woman’s soap business takes off

Starting your own business can be hard, but for one Oconomowoc woman, it's a sweet smelling venture. 

"I learned to make soap from a friend who is a second generation soap maker," said Kim Perik. "I never expected to start my own business."

The former marketing professional started making it as a hobby, but she soon saw a demand.

"Because of what I've learned, I can make a really nice bar of soap," she said.

So, South Street Soapworks was born.

Now Perik has customers from as far away as California. In just a few short years, she says she's made more than 30,000 bars of soap in her basement work space.

"I love doing things from scratch, and it appealed to me," she said. 

For more information on South Street Soapworks, click here

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