Mayor Johnson sits with community advocates to discuss gun violence prevention

NOW: Mayor Johnson sits with community advocates to discuss gun violence prevention

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Mayor Cavalier Johnson sat down with a group of women who are strong advocates for community safety to discuss gun violence prevention. The conversation centered around the impact of gun violence in the community the need for change on all levels, including government.

"I think people in our city need to know that this really impacts everybody," said Susan Schmidt.

Schmidt lost her brother to gun violence in Milwaukee back in 2005. "My heart was broken, and it was senseless," she said. In honor of her brother, Schmidt now runs a non-profit called the Scooter Foundation, and advocates for gun violence prevention.

"We need background checks; we need safe gun laws. It shouldn't be easier to get a gun than a driver's license," Schmidt said.

She was one of five community advocates who sat down with Mayor Johnson. "I appreciate each of you having the courage to take your trials and tribulations, the loss that you experienced in your own families and to tell those stories," Mayor Johnson said.

Colette Shumpert was also part of the round table discussion. She lost her son to gun violence back in 2012.

"I got that phone call that no parent wants to get, that my son Michael had been shot. At that time, he was not killed, he died of his wounds the next day. And it changed my life,” she said. The group shared their stories, asked mayor Johnson questions, and discussed their concerns for the community.

"Gun violence being a public health crisis. It shouldn't have anything to do with politics," Schmidt said. The group agreed the solution lies within parties on all sides working together to keep communities safe.  “I personally want to see unlikely alliances. That is where I am putting my hope,” said Shumpert.

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