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MCSO: 17-year-old critically injured in shooting at Dineen Park basketball courts

MCSO: 17-year-old critically injured in shooting at Dineen Park basketball courts


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Sheriff's Office is looking for suspects after a teenager was shot in a park on the city's northwest side.

"He's in critical condition and he's at a local hospital receiving treatment," Deputy Inspector Daniel Hughes said.

It happened around 5 p.m. Wednesday night on the basketball courts at Dineen Park, near 67th and Vienna.

Authorities say there were more than a dozen people in the area at the time, but they have no one in custody right now.

If you have any information, contact the Sheriff's Office.

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Homer 16 days ago
Facts and Statistics are Racist.

In Milwaukee, a Black man is 22 times more likely to be shot than a White man. Why is that?

In Milwaukee, less than 50% of shootings are solved, resulting in a shooter being convicted of the crime. Why is that?

Would SNITCHING (providing Milwaukee Police with information to solve these crimes) result in More, or Less Milwaukee shootings?

Can anything be done?

(Side Note: in basketball, when a player throws the ball at the hoop, he is taking a shot... he is shooting... this rarely results in a critical injury.)

Kevin Homer 16 days ago
theres a lot to unpack there and not sure a single post would be able to do what years of studies, research, and forums have done but I would think increased economic opportunity and education would be a good place to start. Family supporting jobs that strengthen neighborhoods and communities combined with education and job training that give all people a sense of purpose and value. Hows that?

The current situation in some communities have been the result of years and decades of economic changes (loss of blue collar manufacturing jobs), racism and discrimination, declining public schools, mass incarceration, and lack of opportunity. Im pretty sure reversing those trends and getting those communities to be safer and stronger will take decades as well.
Homer Kevin 14 days ago
Thanks for the conversation.

I'd like to see Black on Black gun violence drop to the rate of White on White gun violence, for a start. I'd like to see Black neighborhoods safe for everyone. I'd like to see White families moving back into Black neighborhoods.

Demerits and Timeouts don't deter gun violence. Black Lives Matter only when a rare Police bullet is involved. Why is that? 15 Black children shot...

I'd like to see the same effort applied to Black on Black violence, that is/was applied to COVID-19. This is a national problem. Let's dedicate all resources to solve the problem.

We should have a Daily Body Count, as with COVID-19. We need to stop Lip Flapping... and get started on this problem.

Is Black on Black violence Racism? Is doing nothing about Black on Black violence Racist?

What Real Solutions, that take time, are working anywhere? Not giving a shooter a second chance saves lives. Not giving a shooter a second chance may save someone in your famil's life. Or should a shooter be given as many chances to kill again, as we allow repeat drunk drivers?

Victim's Lives Matter!!!

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