Menomonee Falls woman sells restaurant after 21 years to open food truck

NOW: Menomonee Falls woman sells restaurant after 21 years to open food truck

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- While many people are looking forward to retirement in their 60s, one Menomonee Falls woman was not. Instead, she was looking forward to her next endeavor. 

"I thought, at this age, it's an opportunity to try one more thing before I retire," said Sieloff. 

Cynthia Sieloff opened her first food truck just two months ago. Off the Eaten Path sells various cuisines and food groups. It's all a reflection of Sieloff's zest for life. 

"From fish tacos to Italian rice balls to my homemade carrot cake," said Sieloff. 

They were her specialty items before she even opened the doors to her food truck two months ago. That's because she owned Perc Place in Hartford for 21 years. And before that, she owned Colonial in Menomonee Falls. It had seemed like she worked in every part of the restaurant business before this year. 

"I started cooking at another restaurant, then I thought I'll try to waitress, and I did that for many years and then I was working at Colonial Restaurant in Menomonee Falls and the opportunity came to purchase it," said Sieloff. "So, my husband and I purchased it, so I became an owner." 

Since opening Off the Eaten Path in July, they've already sold more than 680 pieces of carrot cake and 600 Italian Rice Balls. And she's seen a lot of familiar faces. 

"I just like to take care of people. I love my customers," said Sieloff. "I've been very blessed, even with the truck to have customers from Colonial or Perc Place come visit us and we're making new relationships also which is always fun." 

Off the Eaten Path is available to book private events, and they can also be found around Washington County HERE. 

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