Milwaukee community leaders react to Tyre Nichols videos

NOW: Milwaukee community leaders react to Tyre Nichols videos


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The release of the Tyre Nichols videos is once again forcing many in the Milwaukee community to grapple with the effects of police brutality.

It's another brutal encounter, another life lost, and more heartache and anger.

Before the videos were released, Milwaukee attorney Kimberly Motley said, "I am dreading the video coming out, and I am dreading seeing the video. But it's something that I have to do. And I think it's something we as a society, at least adults, need to do."

The videos are brutal and difficult to watch, but Motley said it's important to not look away, she says to instead look what she calls "inhumanity" in the face. "If his mother, if his parents can see this video, it's something that we as a society also need to see so that we can learn to be better."

The videos showed five Memphis police officers drag Tyre Nichols from his car, tase and pepper spray him, then beat him, kick him and hit him with a baton.

Community Activist Vaun Mayes said, "You get tired. Tired of being mad, tired of having to continue to protest."

But Mayes said he has protested for 10 years, and it doesn't feel like things have improved in that time. There is still social inequity, systemic racism, and police brutality. And Black men keep dying at alarming rates because of it.

Mayes said, "Our young people are still seeing it, they have even less confidence and trust in the police."

At one point in the video, Nichols called for his mother, who told CNN Friday that her son weighed only 140 pounds due to Crohns disease.

Mayes said, "You see people begging for their lives, you see people who have done absolutely nothing end up dead in these situations, and nothing happens."

Friday morning Milwaukee's mayor, police chief and the Office of Violence Prevention released a statement ahead of the video partly saying:

The Mayor, the Milwaukee Police Department, and the Office of Violence Prevention are appalled by the recent incident that occurred in Tennessee.

We emphatically condemn violence in all forms. Accountability must occur for those in law enforcement who commit unlawful acts. Policing must be constitutional, fair and impartial. Above all else, policing must always respect human dignity and life.

The incident has sparked strong emotions and questions.

Motley asked, "Why does this keep happening that Black men keep dying at the hands of police officers?"

We reached out to the Milwaukee police union but did not hear back by show time.

There is at least one demonstration planned for Milwaukee. A group will gather Sunday at noon in Red Arrow Park.

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