Hotel employees fired for restraining D'Vontaye Mitchell, family describes what they saw on unreleased surveillance video

NOW: Hotel employees fired for restraining D’Vontaye Mitchell, family describes what they saw on unreleased surveillance video

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The employees involved in restraining D'Vontaye Mitchell have been fired, according to a statement from the hospitality group Wednesday night. 

A spokesperson at Aimbridge Hospitality, said:

“We are saddened and shocked by what happened to Dvontaye Mitchell at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee, and we extend our deepest sympathies to his family and loved ones.
The conduct we saw from several associates on June 30 violated our policies and procedures, and does not reflect our values as an organization or the behaviors we expect from our associates. Following review of their actions, their employment has been terminated. We will continue our independent investigation and do everything we can to support law enforcement with their investigation into this tragic incident.”

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- On Wednesday, July 10, some of D'Vontaye Mitchell's loved ones and their attorney viewed surveillance video and body camera video that show his death.

They spoke with us exclusively just moments afterward.

Mitchell died June 30 after he was restrained by Hyatt Regency employees. On Wednesday, the DA's office allowed them to view the video evidence.

The family's attorney says the video now shows the narrative that was first put out by authorities is wrong.

Attorney William Sulton told us Mitchell did not run into the Hyatt's women's bathroom first. He said Mitchell was first attacked by a security guard outside and he ran into the bathroom to try to get away.

The family claims the videos they saw shows a murder.

Nayisha Mitchell is D'Vontaye Mitchell's sister. She told us, "Actually seeing it up close and personal, I'm telling you it's much, much, much, much worse."

The pain was raw for Nayisha Mitchell just moments after she watched video of her brother's death.

It was the same for D'Vontaye Mitchell's wife, Deasia Harmon, who told us, "To see the people involved, to see their faces, to see that they had no remorse."

We spoke with them exclusively Wednesday afternoon after they watched surveillance and body camera video that was turned over to the district attorney's office.

Those videos have not been made public, but the family says they show Mitchell was attacked and beaten, then the moment he dies.

Harmon said, "You're dragging him, you're punching him, you're kicking him. You murdered him."

Sulton, said Mitchell did nothing to instigate the incident. "There was no criminal conduct by D'Vontaye Mitchell."

Sulton said the original narrative from authorities -that security guards restrained Mitchell because he went into a women's bathroom- is wrong. "An off-duty security officer attacked D'Vontaye. D'Vontaye ran from that individual."

Sulton said Mitchell went into the women's bathroom to get away from the attacker. Then Hyatt employees -including a bellman and a front desk worker- dragged him out.

Sulton said they "shoved his head into the ground so hard that he's bleeding. Forehead, nose, and mouth."

Later Wednesday, the family and attorneys joined another news conference led by attorney Benjamin Crump.

Crump said one of the people in the video came forward at the urging of his family to give a sworn statement to the legal team.

Crump said, "He talks about how they were not trained properly to deal with such a situation."

Crump said the young man testified a security guard beat Mitchell with a metal baton.

The pain was still fresh hours later for Harmon, who tearfully said at the news conference, "You see them beating him repeatedly, over and over and over again. They didn't stop. They didn't stop."

After the news conference, dozens of supporters marched five blocks to the Hyatt Regency hotel.

There, Crump told the crowd, "All the family. Please continue to fight for them."

In a statement Wednesday, the DA's office said, "Our office is reviewing Mr. Mitchell’s death as a homicide case."

Attorney Sulton said the DA's office confirmed to him the case is a criminal investigation, despite MPD repeatedly saying it's not.

He's also said he's confident criminal charges will be filed.

Sulton said one of the videos shows a security guard take a photo of D'Vontaye Mitchell's lifeless body as he's being interviewed by responding officers.

He also said he believes there are more videos that Hyatt has not yet turned over.

In a statement Wednesday, a Hyatt spokesperson said:

"Hyatt joins the family of D’Vontaye Mitchell in their calls for transparency, accountability and justice for this senseless tragedy. We believe that the employees of Aimbridge Hospitality who were involved should be terminated and that criminal charges should be filed."

D'vontaye Mitchell's funeral will be held Thursday morning, July 11.

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