MKE airport expects longer lines, bigger crowds than usual on Friday and Saturday

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. And airport officials don't want travel to get you down. 

"There are more the 2,000 passengers leaving before 6 a.m." said Tim Goodman, the TSA's Federal Security Director in Wisconsin. "Today's one of our busiest days."

Experts like AAA are expecting the busiest end-of-year-travel ever on the roads and in the air. 

Travelers who don't usually travel over Christmas, like Bryan Maloney, have just one word to describe it, "busy." 

"It’s a lot busier than I thought. I guess everybody’s starting to travel again," said Leasa Alexander on her way to Memphis Tennessee. 

"Come early, that’s the biggest thing while you see the line behind me is moving quickly there’s a lot of crowds and a lot of activity," said Goodman. 

Goodman says to check TSA's website before packing. Having a firearm or other items that aren't allowed on flights can hold up the line and cause delays for everyone. 

Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport is also expecting crowds Saturday ahead of Christmas Eve. 

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