Natalie's Everyday Heroes: Destiny Robinson, creator of 'Go with the Flow' club

NOW: Natalie’s Everyday Heroes: Destiny Robinson, creator of ’Go with the Flow’ club

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- There has been a lot of talk lately about the tampon shortage impacting women across the U.S., and that makes the work being done by this week's everyday hero even more timely. Destiny Robinson, 16, started providing period supplies at her high school this school year, and now she's expanding her mission next year.

Robinson learned a lot during this school year that just ended about stocking period products.

"I'm very known for walking around the school with cases of tampons and pads," said the rising junior.

In fact, she's placed bins and fliers in the bathrooms at her Milwaukee high school, and it earned her a nickname.

"So, one of our administrators actually calls me the period fairy," Robinson said with a laugh.

What started as a 10th grade project has turned into much more. It's now a period advocacy group Robinson calls "Go with the Flow."

"'Go with the Flow' is kind of a two-part thing," she said. "I supply the pads and then twice a month I also try to do a period support group."

It's made the 16-year-old realize how much there is to talk about.

"I'm not very good with hush-hush subjects, and periods are so taboo and they are a very hush-hush subject, and I realized that caused a lot of insecurity for me," she said.

Her advocacy work is getting attention.

"I think shining a light on it is the first step," said Meagan Johnson, founder of the Milwaukee Diaper Mission.

Johnson is now helping to support Robinson's work. Robinson recently joined a group of volunteers packing period products for the start of Period Poverty Week with the Milwaukee Diaper Mission. Robinson described period poverty like this:

"So, period poverty is lack of access to adequate menstrual care," she said.

"Because two in five menstruators struggle to afford period products due to lack of income, so it's a pretty major health crisis," Johnson added.

Robinson herself found out how expensive it was to pay for "Go with the Flow."

"I just decided, okay, I'm going to get a job to fund this. So now I have a part-time job," she said.

Her networking has also paid off. The Milwaukee Diaper Mission will be helping to fund her club when school starts in the fall. Robinson said tackling what is sometimes taboo has only been positive -- period.

"You should just be able to talk about it like it is. So, just try to get rid of any stigma that you see, and just go for it," she said enthusiastically.

"Go with the Flow" has an Amazon Wishlist at And an Instagram account can be found at @gwtf.rkhs.

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