Nearly 2 years later, fatal stabbing of West Allis man headed to trial

NOW: Nearly 2 years later, fatal stabbing of West Allis man headed to trial

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A murder that took West Allis by surprise is about to go to trial. The defendants are a husband and wife, accused of stabbing a man who joked with them about their mountain bikes.

It has been nearly two years since Ryan Sorensen was home for the weekend visiting family and friends. After a night at the bars they were walking home together, but Ryan never made it.

Sorensen took his last breath near 71st and Becher, but he left an incredible mark on many and now his dad wears Ryan’s name on his wrist.

“He was a good soul. He was an asset to the planet,” said Bill Sorensen, Ryan’s dad.

“You know you needed some extra chairs he’d run down to the basement and get it,” said David Sorensen, Ryan’s uncle.

Two brothers are seeking justice for the man loved by many.

“All the what-ifs in the world can’t change or bring Ryan back. It is what it is and it hurts,” said David

Nearly two years after his murder, Ryan’s uncle and father both have cherished memorials of him.

“His ashes are underneath the bush. My brother had given some ashes to all of us,” said David.

Shirley and Angel Monge are accused of circling the block after Ryan joked about wanting the bikes they were riding. The Monges became aggressive and ultimately fatally stabbed Ryan. Shirley pleaded guilty last week.

“She was crying when she was answering the judges questions. She wasn’t crying because she murdered someone she was crying because she knew she was going to go to jail,” said Bill.

As Angel’s trial begins, family wonders whether he’ll take the stand at some point.

“What is his rationale for committing a senseless, brutal murder? I don’t care what he has to say,” said Bill.

A family seeking justice with long prison terms.

“A couple weeks we heard you know it could be up to 60 years. Sixty years still doesn’t bring Ryan back but there feels like there’s justice in that,” said David

“It’s so senseless... what would possess you to do something that evil?” said Bill.

We understand Shirley Monge won’t be sentenced until after her husband’s trial is over. Jury selection is expected to begin Monday, June 21.

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