October is here and brings the first real hints of winter

It's been a pleasant start to the new month. Not too warm, not too chilly... a trend that will continue for a few more days. October is a transition month as we head into our cold season. It brings with it the first average snowfall. And a solid temperature drop. Check out the stats: 

 Gone are the 70s and 80s of summer... or are they? Even though averages start in the 60s for highs and end in the 50s, 80s are possible through the end of the month. Last year was a good example of how heat can linger through this month:
In fairness, the 70s and 80s were during the first half of the month, as you would expect with declining temps as the norm. However, ending the month over six degrees above normal is pretty significant. Likewise, only two nights fell into the 30s, but high 30s at 39 and 38 respectively. That occurred on the 23rd and 24th of the month. You can see per the averages we still stay above the freezing mark throughout the month. 
 But October doesn't generally escape those first moments of a winter feel. And that my friends looks to return this week. A cold front is set to push through the area Wednesday into Thursday. Cold air will rush in behind it. It's likely we drop back into 30s by the end of the week. And while Milwaukee is still waiting to feel its first 30s of the season, as you can see in the above graphic, they may arrive right on time.

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