Packers fans feeling thankful for Thanksgiving upset in Detroit

NOW: Packers fans feeling thankful for Thanksgiving upset in Detroit

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Fans of the Green and Gold were feeling extra thankful this Thanksgiving with a 29-22 upset over the NFC North leading Detroit Lions at Ford Field.

"Awesome win!" said Chandler Majstorovoic, watching the game with family at Kelley's Bleachers in Milwaukee. "We don't love Detroit. Love Jordan Love. Keep it going."

Thursdays could be considered an upset. The Lions beat the Pack by two touchdowns during the Sept. 28 meeting at Lambeau Field and the Packers were playing without several of their key players, including running back Aaron Jones.

Maximillian Blawat says he was happy to see the Packers' young quarterback playing with confidence in nationally televised game.

"Jordan (Love) came out throwing," Blawat said. "I don't know about playoffs, but I mean, Jordan is showing he's getting better every game and that's a plus, so I'm looking forward to the rest of the season and next season also."

The win now puts the Packers at 5-6 and in the hunt for a Wild Card spot. Whether or not the team is able to make a playoff push, the fans at Kelley's are grateful for the chance to cheer on their squad week in and week out.

"The Packers are important, but family is most important, but the Packers are part of our family," said Belinda Majstorovic. "We love the Packers. Win, lose, whatever."

The Packers will play the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football on Dec. 3. 

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