Packers fans question team's future, ethics surrounding athletes' vaccine status

NOW: Packers fans question team’s future, ethics surrounding athletes’ vaccine status

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- As news arrived that Aaron Rodgers won't be on the field for Sunday's game, disappointment set in among Packers fans across Wisconsin.

This situation has raised two big questions among fans: What will the team look like without Rodgers? And what are the ethics surrounding an athlete's vaccination status?

The Wisconsin sports world can talk of nothing else.

"What's going through your body, your feelings when you hear that news today and hear Jordan Love now is the starting quarterback on Sunday?" asked Steve "Sparky" Fifer, co-host of the Wendy's Big Show on 1250 AM The Fan radio.

The hosts say they feel the Packers were caught off guard.

"They weren't prepared for this to happen the way it happened, and now it's everywhere," said co-host Gary Ellerson.

Ellerson notes that players have tested positive before.

"This is different because of the way that Aaron Rodgers handled it," he said.

For immunocompromised fans, the reports that Rodgers is unvaccinated struck a nerve.

"A guy who's being paid millions of dollars should be a little more mindful of the influence he has on things. People look up to him," said Packers fan Ted Siebert.

Despite Wednesday's announcement, CBS 58 still found fans buying Packers gear. But they now have a different QB to cheer on.

"Maybe he'll pull out something great," said Packers fan Kathy Troup.

"Am I worried for the Packers? No, they play with the Bears," Siebert said.

Fans hope Jordan Love will carry on what Rodgers started.

"They have this winning streak, and now you have to wonder is that going to be in jeopardy," Troup said.

And speaking of Rodgers and jeopardy...

"Maybe he should have been the 'Jeopardy!' host instead," Siebert said.

There's a lot of excitement building to see what Jordan Love does on the field, but fans also say they know practice is a lot different from actually playing a game.

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