Patrons of Delafield Pilates business say owner ripped them off

NOW: Patrons of Delafield Pilates business say owner ripped them off


DELAFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Delafield police are investigating accusations of fraud against a Pilates business.

The studio closed unexpectedly earlier this month.

All that's left at Studio 83 Pilates is locked doors, empty studios, and a note on the door with contact info for the owner, Christina Nelson.

The former owner of the business, and customers, say they've called and haven't heard from her. Now, they want answers.

"They came for the fitness, they came for community, and they feel like they've been robbed," said Suzan Steker, former owner of Studio 83 Pilates.

Steker says she opened the business in 2014.

In 2021, she sold the business to Christina Ann Nelson, with an arrangement for payments to be made for the equipment there.

Last Sunday, an email went out to patrons saying the business was damaged and permanently closing.

"I thought it was fishy. So, I got in my car drove here and found it to be empty," said Steker.

Leaving long-time patrons of the business, like Katie Guindon, with no way to redeem services she paid for at Studio 83 Pilates and another nearby business Nelson owns, Coreglow.

"Turned out on the day before, which was Sunday, Nov. 6. She had charged me again for $399 for Coreglow. It's not even open. She closed her business that same day and charged my credit card," said Guindon.

Guindon is a small business owner herself.

"We're supposed to be supporting small business and this community embraced it and did, and this lady took advantage of everybody," said Guindon.

Steker says the payments on the equipment, now missing, have stopped. She says for her, it isn't even about the equipment at this point.

"[I hope that] that we find her, and she pays restitution to all the people that she has scammed and ripped off, not only here, but elsewhere," said Steker.

CBS 58 also called the numbers posted on the businesses but didn't get a response.

Delafield police say they're working with the Waukesha County District Attorney's Office on this investigation.

They say if you think you were a victim of fraud at Studio 83 or Coreglow, to give them a call.

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