Play It Forward: Badgers build 'essential kits' to help the community

Play It Forward: Badgers build ’essential kits’ to help the community

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Wisconsin football team is back in Madison starting voluntary workouts this week. While wide receiver Adam Krumholz is hoping the Badgers will have the chance to play their season this year, he’s already found a way to Play It Forward.  

Adam and his girlfriend Demitra Philiosophos have turned their living room into a work station. They’re building essential kits, helping those in need. Adam and Demitra started with a simple goal, to raise 3,000 dollars.

“None of us thought it was going to get this big,” Demitra admits. 

They’ve already quadrupled it, raising nearly 12-thousand dollars. That’s about 350 kits.

“If I wasn’t on the football team I don’t think this would have gotten as much exposure as it did," Adam says. "I think using our tools as athletes to help our community is something I think a lot of athletes should do.”

The two Badgers seniors came up with the idea while peacefully protesting. They wanted to find a hands-on way to give back, so they began working with Nehemiah, an organization fighting to eliminate racial disparities in Madison.

Demitra says Nehemiah told them, “If you can make 100 kits that would be awesome, but you’re barely scratching the surface. When we heard that, we got more motivation to keep going because there are so many families in the Madison area that need help.”

“It feels great, especially support from families, friends, my coaches, that has felt amazing," Adam says. "I know it’s going to feel even better when we see it in person.”

They’re still raising more money every day, hoping to reach 20,000 dollars through a GoFundMe account. You can donate by clicking here.

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