Police release video of Waukesha carjacking

NOW: Police release video of Waukesha carjacking

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Waukesha police released surveillance and bodycam video of a carjacking from Oct. 12. This crime adds to a national trend of cities and towns seeing large increases in carjackings since the pandemic began.

While the FBI does not track carjackings on a national level, the FBI issued a warning about a rash of them in the Cleveland suburbs. Last week, a person in Los Angeles died after being dragged behind their stolen vehicle for at least two miles. And since 2020, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee have all reported an increase, if not record numbers of carjackings

In the carjacking video from Waukesha, the driver does some what you are supposed to do in this situation -- does not fight, does not verbally engage, and he gets out of the immediate area as soon as possible and calls 911.

But police also advise people to give up their vehicle, and in this case, the driver kept the key fob in his pocket. That worked out this time because the man got away and it made the SUV undriveable, so the men were forced to leave in a getaway car.

Waukesha police say four teenagers were involved in this case, three of them were arrested quickly, and a fourth was arrested by a K-9 unit after about a five-hour search. One of the suspects charged is under 18, and youth is also part of this trend.

Groups of children, with kids as young as 10, have been arrested over the past couple of years.

The four suspects in the Waukesha case are scheduled to make their first court appearance on Tuesday.

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