Quiz: Test your NFL Draft and Packers knowledge

The next generation of Green Bay Packers players get selected starting Thursday, April 25, and the buzz is already building in Titletown. How well do you know your Packers/NFL Draft facts? Take our quiz below and see! 

  1. What year did first NFL Draft take place?
  2. What city held the first NFL Draft?
  3. What year will Green Bay host the NFL Draft?
  4. How many quarterbacks have the Packers drafted since 2000?
  5. What year was quarterback Jordan Love drafted by the Packers?
  6. Who was the last Wisconsin Badger to be drafted by the Packers?
  7. What team originally drafted Brett Favre?
  8. What round was Donald Driver taken in?
  9. What round of the 1956 NFL Draft was Packers quarterback Bart Starr drafted?
  10. How many Green Bay Packers' draft picks have made the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
Quiz: Test your NFL Draft and Packers knowledge

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